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It's all about Apache Kafka

You might have heard about Apache Kafka, let's dig into it & explore why you should be aware of this and what it brings to the table.  Let's start with 'ABC' of it, "you can take a sip of coffee" and roll it. In a typical application, we have a source system & target system and data to be transferred among them. So we need to do some integrations b/w them, all well!         but we may have one source and multiple targets then the problem arises, for image 2, we have to maintain 2*4 integrations. And  you have to care about  the protocols, data schema, data format, etc    for individual integrations, integrating as many targets come along with a load on source. There should be a distributed messaging system needed to solve this and there comes Apache Kafka, and all source & target are decoupled. Apache Kafka is developed by LinkedIn and later they donated it to Apache Software Foundation, it's written in Scala &am