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SPA on Azure

Single-page applications (SPAs) or Static websites are applications/websites which don't need any Client-Server model to serve requests from the pages or simply, are just HTML pages hosted on file servers. In the current world, we have a lot of hosting providers or cloud capabilities by many big players but what will be best that suits your budget and needs. For example: we have an 'index.html' page, but to host it, Do we really need to spend around $10-15 per month for the cheapest server? Let's directly jump on to a solution that is much efficient, reliable, and highly available worldwide. I am talking about Azure Static Websites which consists of the following components: * Azure storage, * Azure CDN - Premium Microsoft CDN, * Domain Let say, you purchase a server from any hosting provider or deploy your website on any cloud that will end up at a higher cost even in case of no visitors. But don't you worry about that, with Azure static websites,